About us

Eddic in 2003, Eddic Training Center has been focused on enterprise’s IT application and management training for twelve years. As the leader of enterprise’s IT training market, Eddic has gained reputation among a number of customers in China. Eddic Training Center has sub-brands such as Office Staffers Elite Academy, CIO Management Academy, PMP Project Management Academy, and MPDAY Asia-Pacific Software Summit.

The commercial headquarters is founded in Tianjin, and the teaching and research headquarters in Beijing. With a decade of continuous efforts, Eddic has expanded to fourteen direct branches and representative offices throughout China, following the philosophy of “Innovative Service, Value-added Programs”. So far, the marketing and service team has over 150 members; and the full-time/part-time lecturer team more than 200. Thanks to the comprehensive & systematic training courses, flexible & diversified training methods, as well as standardized & efficient training services, Eddic has become the best partner of enterprises.

At the turning of the new century, enterprises are encountered with fierce competition and challenges. Meanwhile, information technology is transforming the business operation and management modes day by day. It is against such business background that Eddic Training Service Division provides all-round training solutions by relying on its training resources in the IT industry, with a grand goal to create a better future hand in hand with the enterprises.

Why  Choose Us ?

Powerful lecturer resources

In addition to the experienced full-time lecturers, Eddic has wide connections with the product development team of partners, policy-making organs, and certification organizations. Eddic Training Service Division is equipped with powerful reserve force and potential thanks to the concerted efforts from other internal business divisions, and long-term stable training partners that have gone through specialized training and professional certifications in technology and teaching skills.

Effective training method
Public course ▪ Customized course

Eddic issues training handbook twice every year. Based on the publicly announced course schedule attached to the handbook, customers can feel free to choose for themselves the proper course, time, and location.

Once the customers reach a certain number, or the public courses cannot satisfy the customers’ demand in content, time or location, the Training Service Division will arrange customized courses for individual customers as the case may be.

Perfect training scheme

Together with the customers, Eddic specialists will analyze the multi-level training demand of the enterprise at different stages, or with different equipment system configurations, so as to formulate a targeted training scheme.

Facts prove that training schemes formulated after analysis of training demand are most effective, appropriate, and cost-efficient.

Comprehensive training arrangement, quick training feedback

Besides finalizing the training scheme, course schedule and location, Eddic Training Service Division can, according to customers’ requirements, cover their accommodation and activity expenditure in the customized training contract, and provide them with corresponding services and arrangement.

Eddic will respond quickly to the customer’s training demand and specific arrangement.

Professional support and service

Eddic has built a training service support network to ensure a quick response and proper handling of the problems and difficulties that customers have encountered before the training, during the training, and after the training.

Our Customers

HP, IBM, Dell, NNIT, CSC, Siemens Electrical Drives Ltd. (SEDL), CNOOC, Sinopec, PetroChina, Offshore Oil Engineering, Yamaha Electronics, YCH Logistics, Green Point Plastic, SINOPHARM, Cola Cao, Panasonic, MOTOROLA, Siemens, Danfoss, Canon China, Pfizer Finance, Toshiba (Dalian) Electronics, Toshiba Television, NIDEC Corporation (Dalian), MABUCHI MOTOR, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, NEC, Mizuho Bank, BEA, Mitsubishi Bank, Mitsubishi Electric, Tianjin Pipe Corporation, BBA, Samsung Electronics, Tianjin Customs, Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Human Resources Bureau, Port Office, FAW-Volkswagen, FAW-Toyota, Beijing Benz, Bridgestone〜