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About Eddic

Eddic (Beijing) Information Technology Co., Ltd., with its comprehensive and systematic training courses flexible and diverse training methods, standard and efficient training services have become the best partner for enterprise development. In the face of competition and challenges at the turn of the new century, information technology is increasingly transforming the way companies operate and manage their models. In this business context, Idis offers a comprehensive training program covering IT industry-wide training resources to achieve the ambitious goal of working with the company to create a better future. In recent years, I have achieved remarkable results in the speed and scale of the past. Through active contact with customers and collaboration with relevant departments of international IT companies, we are directly involved in the technical training programs required by customs and large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises for equipment renewal and technology development. Combining the characteristics and actual conditions of China’s information industry, we organize various technical and skill trainings for our clients and help them create the talents they need.

Eddic focuses on corporate training services for more than 17 years, and Fortune 500 companies prefer suppliers.

More: rich curriculum system, complete training program
Fast: efficient service ability, 24 hours fast
Response: professional consultant team, master lecturer lineup
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