EQ Leadership Assessment

In today’s busy economy, pressure has been a chronic disease. Long-term pressure has damaged our physical and psychological health. According to psychological studies, there is a close correlation between a person’s EQ and their ability to manage pressure. People with low EQ tend to be panic, feel helpless, and even make self-defeating decisions under pressure. However, people with high EQ can also play an objective and effective high-EQ role even under high pressure. They know how to avoid the pressure that causes burnout and use pressure to help them achieve satisfying goals.

EQ and IQ are of equivalent importance for success. Therefore, employers are increasingly looking for people with high EQ. Researchers have shown that our success at work or in life depends on 80% of EQ and 20% of IQ. When our IQ helps us solve problem, calculate or process information, our EQ makes us more creative and solve problems with our emotions. EQ is an ability to perceive and express, absorb the emotions in the mind, understand the prism of emotions, and adjust the emotions of oneself and others. Unlike logical-mathematical Intelligence, EQ may be insignificantly affected once puberty is over. EQ may develop over time without age restrictions, provided necessary attention and efforts are paid to it.

According to the analysis and understanding of the current state of trainees, in this workshop, you will learn how to improve your EQ by active and constructive methods to deal with the inevitable stress you face at work, at home, and in all areas of your life, find out your strengths and challenges in pressure, support and help you properly deal with pressure in a simple way and turn it into your advantage. Whether you are a manager or an employee, you will get the skills to minimize stress and maximize productivity for yourself or your colleagues. We hope that each participant will eventually find the best way to manage their personal pressure. As one of the key methods, some authentic activities will be carried out in the workshop to provide rich learning experience.

Course Price:

Original price: ¥3800
Preferential price:¥2800

Last until 15 working days before class starts
2  people(¥2100 each person)
3  people (¥1850 each person)
AudienceLecturerOutlineCompetence and Skills Acquired Objectives



Janna Song

  • Executive Coaching
  • Strategic Partner
  • Driving for Business Results
  • Executive Talent Development
  • Interpersonal / Communications Skills
  • Inspirational Leadership Development
  • Navigating Change Management
  • Organization Transition Management
  • Top Level Job Transitions
  • EQ Development
  • To be inspirational leader
  • Enhanced ability to motivate and engage people
  • Develop high performing and highly motivated organisations
  • Ability to communicate with people at all levels with confidence and influence
  • More pro-active behaviours and anticipation of business impact
  • Change management
  • EQ Assessment and development coach


  • Why is the balance between pressure management and life so important?
  • To focus on understanding and improving EQ
  • To manage emotion, skills/techniques to manage “current” pressure
  • To clarify personal development goals and identify gaps between goals and reality;
  • To focus on the challenges of self-growth and leadership development, and explore the path of growth
  • To identify specific development goals and action for the next step,
  • To plan and manage your daily life: to learn to set priorities, form a healthy lifestyle and organize your personal life
  • Relaxation and mindfulness: to care for the body, mind and spirit
  • To achieve a better balance among the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects to help them achieve a more meaningful, productive and balanced life


  • To understand the concept of EQ and how to improve your EQ
  • To apply EQ to personal growth and pressure management
  • To find out the causes of stress
  • To determine your own way to manage personal pressure
  • To learn to recognize your signs of your development on leadership
  • To raise self-awareness, gain knowledge in terms of personal strengths and weakness holistically for leadership;